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William Blake: My mother groaned, my father wept, into the dangerous world I leapt.

1944, May 17 Eva-Maria Kurz was born in Stuttgart, Germany during last year of World War II. After the war she spend some time in Zurich, Switzerland, with her grandparents together with mother, brother and sister.
1950-1963 back in Germany she attended the elementary and secondary school in Stuttgart.
1964: she began high-school studies at the University Tübingen: to start with medical science, afterwards she changed over to psychology.
Over the years of her study this discipline changed remarkably, beginning with quite arbitrary theories changing to valid scientific research.
Most of all the works of Stanley Milgram („Obedience to Authority“) and the communication theory of Paul Watzlawick had great impact on her.
1974 she graduated from university with the degree „Diplom-Psychologin“ („master“).
The subject of her thesis was a research regarding the hypothesis: specific personality traits in people (intolerance of ambiguity) induce to such attitudes like authoritarianism, dogmatism and nationalism.
Further on she attended postgraduate trainings, especially in behavioural and systemic psychotherapy.
1973: she declared officially leaving the christian church due to conviction.
1975-1982: she was employed by the University Tübingen in a precarious campus, her main task was to give troubled students psychological assistance and devise a more favorable social environment.
1983 she was forced to quit her employment due to economy measures in spite of vehement
students protest campaigns.

William Blake: Damn braces. Bless relaxes.

1984: being without duty she took the chance to strike a new path and to pursue her passion for theater.
She moved to Berlin, where at first she accepted various tasks in off-stage-theatres.
At the same time she attended professional acting traings offered by various teachers.
1985 she met film director Rosa von Praunheim and became part of a company of actors in order to create a film concerning AIDS pandemic –
1986 resulted the black comedy A Virus Knows No Morals, where she had her first leading part as a fag-hunting journalist. Furthermore she kept and still keeps in touch with Rosa von Praunheim and became among others part of his films „Anita-Tänze des Lasters „, „Rosas Höllenfahrt“.
1989 she met another filmmakers, who gained notable influence on her further career: Christoph Schlingensief; among others she was part in his film
Das Deutsche Kettensägenmassaker“ (1990), „Terror 2000“ (1991).
From now on she worked with many other directors and appeared in more than 100 films and TV-productions, preferably in edgy non-conform films, but also in conventional mainstream -films and TV-series, and also in international movies e.g.:
2011 Alexander Sokurov: Faust (winner of the Golden Lion, Venice Film Fest) and
2012 Jos Stelling: The Girl and Death (winner of the Gouden Kalf, Filmfest Utrecht), moreover she took part in many shortfilms and music clips, such as Ueberfallkommando feat. Ferris MC (2012) or Erdmöbel Tutorial (2018).
Since 2005 she works also as speaker in audio dramas, readings, documentaries (voice over) and video games
2014 she got member of Deutsche Filmakademie
2019 she was part of the mixed-media-installation of the french artist Pauline Curnier Jardin, winner of Preis der Nationalgalerie-2019 .
At times she gets also engaged in theater productions in Berlin, in Switzerland and Austria, favouring non-established performances – such as:
2018-2020: „Dein Gesicht ist eine wunderbare Bühne für mein Drama“ by author and director
Malte Schloesser, Theaterdiscounter Berlin.



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